This is really more ‘about’ you than me, or Quantum Results Coaching.

It’s about what is stopping you from achieving your goals and dreams, and your new confidence and self-belief. I believe it’s about looking at what’s holding you back and removing those blockages and gaining clarity around your thinking and what’s possible for you.

It’s about change. Positive, often remarkable and well-deserved change.

I believe this is what Quantum Results Coaching is about.

Having made many changes in my own life and career, I appreciate the difficult decisions and challenges that come up almost daily, and finding the right guidance, support and understanding is critical. Someone who appreciates the pressures of managing a balanced business and personal life and the guilt often faced when trying to achieve this. Managing your time. Managing your energy. Managing your motivation. Managing your emotions. Managing your stress.

There was a point in my life when I realised I was not happy in my corporate job and needed a change, but what?

It was a weird juxtaposition of having my goals and wanting so much from life but at the same time not believing I could have it. There was a mixture of determination and hopelessness at the same time.

Qualifying as a coach and mentor was an unexpected direction, but working with people to help them achieve amazing results did make me happy, energised and fulfilled. Leadership coaching and mentoring professional women is something I continue to be passionate about.

Experience & Qualifications

I believe real credibility in this field comes from not just my qualifications, but from my experience.

Having the necessary and certified qualifications is certainly important and gives me the tools to help people I work with, however extensive experience in the business and corporate world, at one point as the only female GM with a large company, running 2 independent business units helps me bring more of an understanding and appreciation of what my clients experience to the coaching partnership. I believe we are all in a leadership role of some description whether we realise it or not, but it’s how you manage that role and that responsibility that counts.

At present coaching is an unregulated industry, so anyone can promote themselves as a coach, however it is critical to check on qualifications and have a personal discussion prior to engaging a coach. You need to ensure it is a good fit so you will get the best possible outcome. This is all about you.

I believe real credibility in this field comes from not just my qualifications, but from my experience and the results my clients have achieved through working with me.

Suzanne Glendenning

CEO and Founder, Quantum Results Coaching International
  • Master Results Coach
  • Qualif. Core Essential Coaching
  • Master NLP Practitioner
  • Certified Neurological Repatterning
  • Cognitive Reimprinting
  • Certified Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis
  • Certified Performance Consultant
  • Leadership Coach and Mentor
  • Author
  • Trainer.

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