Pausing the Game

How often do you choose to ‘pause the game’?  We all have our personal reasons and excuses for feeling the need to simply pause, stop or freeze time. When you think about pausing the

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Testimonial from Julie Attwood

Senior Account Executive Sue has had a profound impact on my perspective and potential to lead an authentic, joyous and happy life. Working through my tolerances, sense of self, forgiving others,

From Bias To Equality

As published in Brainz Magazine. Recently I had the privilege of interviewing Sandra D’Souza, CEO/Founder of Ellect, Gender Equality Advocate, Diversity and Inclusion Advisor, Speaker, and

It’s About Time

I’m sitting here in my office with unread emails, notifications and urgent messages, wondering where the time has gone. There just doesn’t seem to be enough of it around these days. Apparentl

When Life Gets in the Way

Is life itself getting in the way of you having the life you desire? This is a question worth asking. What would your answer be, right now, right in this space?  It’s that interestin

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Privacy Policy

QUANTUM RESULTS COACHING INTERNATIONAL INTRODUCTION We are committed to the protection of personal privacy and have adopted a policy to protect information about individuals.  This