Remove Unproductive Habits

It doesn’t matter how old you are, how wise and experienced you are, how disciplined and focused you are. We all have habits and not all of them are productive habits.

What can you do about it?

Unproductive Habit No. 1

Negative Thinking

Negative thinking is a choice.

A choice that manifests into negative consequences.

It can also become a habit if you allow this to continue. Sometimes it is just an excuse not to make change. Sometimes it’s fear based. There needs to be a clear decision that you want to change the way you think to achieve better results. The results you want.

What do you think would happen to an elite sports person who had limiting beliefs about their ability to win?

Just saying you believe you can do something is not enough – you have to really believe it – right at the sub-conscious level.

By changing your program and installing a new one, you will get the results you want and deserve.

There are effective ways to do this.

Unproductive Habit No. 2


Why do we do it?

How do we do it?

People tend to think of procrastination as “not doing something”, when in fact it is something we actually do. It is an action. More importantly it is a choice.

People adjust to procrastinating and adjust to mastering disappointment rather than make the changes that have a powerful impact on their results and what they experience in life.

Procrastination can be an excuse.

Or a means of avoiding something you either don’t like doing or don’t know how to do.

Above everything else, it can become a habit and it will cost you. Can you even put a price on the opportunities and potential this bad habit is holding you back from – right now?

Procrastination is one of the most debilitating, time consuming, stress creating and money wasting habits we can have.

It is possible to change this habit.

To stop procrastinating.

To get the results you want and deserve. How would you like to feel more motivated; more productive and achieve so many of the tasks you have been putting off for so long?

What would that give you?

Time to get back on track and create your purpose and your passion.

Unproductive Habit No. 3

Avoiding Setting Goals

People think about goals, talk about goals, worry about goals and wish they could not only set goals but achieve them.

Have you ever asked yourself any of the following:

  • How do I get my ambition and drive back?
  • How do I set goals?
  • Why am I not able to achieve my goals when others seem to find it easy?

These questions can be debilitating and for many there is a lot of stress around looking at goals. There is an expectation that if you want to be successful then you MUST have goals. Is that true?

Is it about goal setting or goal getting?

Some people find the word itself terrifying – full of unfulfilled demands for success.

So what if you dared to think about what you genuinely wanted in your business or personal life?

What if you had another way of looking at goals and actually identifying and achieving what you want?

It is possible, but you need a strategy and a guide.

The ‘secret’ to understanding why we adopt these behaviours and habits lies in our own subconscious.

Our own thinking and belief system.

Good news is – it’s possible to change. The first step is deciding you actually want to. Deciding you are finally sick of tolerating these habits and the results they give you.

There are several strategies and tools I use to help clients with each of these Unproductive Habits and clients are often surprised at how simple it is to change.

The next steps

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What if you were to change your negative thinking, eliminate procrastination and set some achievable goals?

What would that get for you?