Gain Confidence

The ‘fear factor’ can be a serious contributor to a lack of confidence.

Even people who may appear to be confident and self-assured can be suffering from imposter syndrome, hiding behind their mask and hoping no-one will see their fears.

Some clients have told me they are concerned about being noticed for promotion but are reluctant to put themselves forward.

What about starting your own business? A dream for many. A clear goal for some.

But what if your limiting beliefs and your fears are holding you back?

A complete lack of confidence around what is possible for you.

Are you afraid you will never have the career, business or life you always dreamed of?
  • You feel defeated by current results despite working hard to succeed in your business or chosen profession.
  • You feel no-one really understands what you are going through and the frustrations you experience. You are aiming high but missing the mark.
  • You have lost confidence and self-belief (and don’t want to admit it – even to yourself). You would like to kick the ‘fear factor’.
  • You are struggling to be heard in the corporate space and are frustrated by a toxic or outdated culture. Learning to “teach people how to treat you” is a powerful tool in this environment.
  • You feel you have no clarity around what needs to happen next to stay on track and this affects your confidence. What if you could come out of the fog and lose that feeling of struggle and pain?
  • You are struggling around communicating with staff and teams you are responsible for, or upper management and this is impacting on your confidence.

You are not on your own.

First thing to understand is that it’s normal to feel vulnerable. Normal to feel overwhelmed in a fast-moving world.

Understanding what is behind the feeling of ‘losing confidence in yourself’ and the meaning you are giving that will enable you to make the change in thinking.

Regaining your confidence is the first step to being back in control.

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