Manage Stress

You are here on this page because you want to remove stress? Right?

Did you know there is actually good stress as well as bad stress?

One can motivate and push you to move toward a desired outcome, and the other, well, that can literally kill you.

Stress is a symptom of what is going on in your life. Finding the real cause is the
way to deal with it. It starts with you and what is happening in your thinking.

Information overload on ‘ how to deal with stress’ can be, in itself, stressful, so why not take a different view. Look at it a different way. Rather than focus on all the negative aspects of stress, why not look at the whole subject differently, think differently about it, and then take a completely different approach to removing it?

Kevin Spiteri

“Sue, this world is such a better place because of you, you are
bringing life and life experiences back to the restricted.”

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