Improve Communication

Clear effective communication is critical in any relationship – business or personal.

Some leaders find this is a skill they struggle with when managing teams and dealing with a myriad of challenges. Ineffective communication can impact productivity, create stress and conflict in an already complex business world.

A lack of self-awareness can be a contributing factor.

This is not a criticism, but simply acknowledging that people are often thrust into a leadership role without the necessary training in skills like:

  • Communicating during conflict
  • Using effective language or understanding body language
  • Being aware of how the “audience” or those they are trying to communicate with feel about what they are saying.

Lack of these skills can lead to a lack of engagement, misunderstanding and failure to either make the sale or resolve the issue.

There are often expensive consequences to not having good communication skills, which need to be learned.

Simply having the skills to clearly communicate your message or resolve a personality clash can:

  • Get the project completed correctly and on time
  • Save time and stress by not having to re-visit issues over and over again
  • Ensure you have the team you want to work with
  • Have your team working cohesively and effectively
  • Keep clients happy which increases loyalty and return business.

If you were to ask someone about their communication skills they would generally think of communication with others

But what about our communication with ourselves. Our ‘self talk’.

What we say to ourselves – our thought process. Sometimes it’s negative and can be harmful and sometimes we justify our thinking and make excuses.

“Knowing how to effectively communicate – not only with others, but also yourself – is critical in managing your thinking and your results.”

Women In Business, The Critical Difference Between Struggle and Success

We communicate in many ways every day, so why not make your communication count, and get the outcome that works for you.

Amanda R.

CEO. Property Management (WA)

Sue – Your coaching is invaluable and I thank you so much for the tools and strategies you have given me. In business I now build my power resources, and use my new thinking to benefit every challenging situation. The understanding you gave me around mastering communication with myself, my staff and others has been pivotal to my success. The amazing breakthroughs keep coming – I can’t thank you enough for your understanding and support. You are a very talented and much appreciated coach. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone.

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