Develop Leadership Skills

Coming into a Leadership role for the first time, or accepting a promotion which elevates your position within a company can bring its own fears and challenges along with the satisfaction and feeling of achievement.

Whether you are running your own business, no matter how small, or working in a large corporate organisation with a team, you are a leader.

What makes a good leader?

What does leadership actually mean?

Some relate to ‘being in charge’ or ‘being responsible’ and whilst that may be part of it, leadership actually has a much bigger and more important meaning.

How can you have a positive impact as a leader?

A leader, a good leader, must have their focus on their team and developing a strong culture of people sharing their passion and purpose to effectively achieve the result they are all working towards. They must know what their purpose is and not just read through the company ‘Mission and Vision statement’ and hope they get it right. This is often far removed from what actually needs to happen.

Accept that vulnerability is OK.

You don’t always have to wear your mask and armour. One of the biggest challenges I see with people in leadership roles is asking for help. We all need it from time to time.

It’s about building and developing strong ethical and meaningful relationships with team members, clients and customers.

It’s about asking the right questions and being an active listener.

Consider what inspires you as a business person and how you relate this to your own team.

Where do you need to take action and what is the most appropriate and effective action to take? Communicating this can often be a challenge without the necessary tools.

Effective communication comes up early in the conversations I have with leaders when identifying the necessary tools needed to assist them with having a more productive and sustainable team dynamic.

Understanding the existing culture and inviting everyone involved to contribute in a planned cohesive way can bring about a purposeful and positive shift in team performance.

Organisational success and reducing or removing stressful situations is achievable with some practical tools and strategies.

Shared values and clear communication creates a mindset and behaviour around leadership and enables the space to be created for new ideas, new programs, new plans. Open the conversation but do it with purpose and a clear direction.

If you would like to have a personal conversation to discuss some of the leadership challenges you are having simply request a complimentary 30 minute Discovery Session.

In this session we will look at the strategies behind your current thinking and explore possibilities for making the change you want to make.

This discussion is a value session and it’s all about you. Not a sales session in disguise.

Sandra D'Souza

Founder, CEO – Ellect

“Sue has a true gift for helping people tap into their own insight and wisdom. I gained a much deeper understanding of myself, my relationships and my business. With Sue’s help and a shift in perspective, my relationships have become more enjoyable. This is all done in relatively short time because of Sue’s amazing ability to cut through the noise and go straight to the core issue.”