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More and more we are celebrating the inspiring women in the world today.

Not only in business but in all walks of life. It’s refreshing to see that there is a greater awareness of businesswomen and their specific needs.

But are we getting it right?

Some are leaders in their field, and some are the quiet achievers doing what they do well and without expectation of reward or acknowledgement.

Women have told me they often feel defeated by current results despite working so hard to succeed. Where is the support, the encouragement, the acknowledgement, the recognition?

Some women find it difficult to balance all the tasks in the various areas of their lives.

They say things like “I have such a challenge balancing home and work life. I feel overwhelmed. How can I give my best to both?”

They can develop a sense of guilt about not ‘being there for everyone’ including themselves.

They feel that their position is not understood or appreciated. This can contribute to a loss of confidence which can be frustrating and exhausting.

Can you relate to this?

  • You are struggling to be heard in the corporate space and are frustrated by a toxic or outdated culture. Learning to “teach people how to treat you” is a powerful tool in this environment.
  • You feel you have no clarity around what needs to happen next to stay on track. It seems you never have enough time to get through all the things on your never ending To Do list.
  • You don’t have strategies to claim your time back to work on what is most important to you.
  • You feel overwhelmed and disappointed by your results despite constant efforts to succeed in your business or chosen profession.
  • You feel no-one really understands what you are going through and the frustrations you experience. You are aiming high but missing the mark.
  • You feel a loss of confidence and self-belief.
  • You feel you are struggling to communicate effectively with team members, upper management, and even family. It’s frustrating and time consuming constantly putting out spot fires.

Is it time to change the story?

It is possible but you have to decide you want to make that change and create a new story – a new picture.

“Women still face many challenges in the business world, and these challenges can impact their ability to work effectively, and also their health.” – Women In Business. The critical difference between struggle and success.

If you share any of these experiences or feelings then you are not on your own.

Sometimes it helps to speak with someone who has walked that path and felt the same thing. That is why I offer a complimentary 30 minute session to have a personal chat about your biggest challenge right now.

Mel B.

Account Executive – Victoria

When I first saw Sue, I was struggling with past hurts from my early childhood, teens and working life; I had recently moved from a high-pressure role where there was no support network and very little appreciation for the critical work I was doing.

People and circumstances had completely beaten me. I knew I needed to change to survive the corporate world I had chosen to stay in, but had no idea how.

Some of the things Sue taught me:

  • Forgiveness
  • Tolerations
  • Teach others how to treat me
  • I am my own Super Hero.

Women in Business

By Sue Glendenning

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