Testimonial from David Foldi

Document Solutions Specialist – DDS Group

I went and saw Sue after a friend put her forward as someone who may help clear my head.

My business and personal life were going along ok, I just felt I had some thoughts that were holding me back.

My biggest concern was that I would start seeing her and it would drag on forever, cost me a lot of money and never really achieve much.

Sue and I talked about many things and she guided me through some simple activities that always produced a positive result.

After every session, I felt lighter and clearer, the best part is the clarity remained and kept improving.

Sue was in contact via email, I also called her a couple of times and to my surprise she was always available or called back if she was busy.

I saw Sue ½ a dozen times. It’s been over 6 Months since I last saw her and my clarity of mind is still sensational.  Sue also gave me tools to help me when my thoughts were not where I wanted to be.

I would absolutely recommend Sue to help clear blockages or help you move forward.

I’m happy to be contacted by anyone thinking of seeing Sue.