Testimonial from Deanna Roberts

Founder – Think in Pictures

Suzanne Glendenning is definitely one out of the box.  She has this innate ability to communicate at any level, with any person of any age.  She has that ‘knack’ that creates an instant rapport and a magnetic one at that. 

Suzanne creates such treasured relationships with people in such a way that they leave with great memories and that sense of satisfaction, that they’ve met someone who’s understood them and knows ‘where they’re coming from’. 

 It’s really easy to endorse Suzanne for her skills and abilities, but there’s nothing like the natural ability to connect and communicate and Suzanne has that natural gift that you simply can’t wait to unwrap.

I have recruited Suzanne Glendenning on several occasions to assist me in running workshops and events and to work with small and large groups of people from all walks of life. 

Her leadership skills are impeccable and I have great trust in her ability to not only see things through, but to also guide, lead, mentor and coach others in doing the same. 

Her uncanny ability to recognise the potential in others, to nurture their potential and to assist them in exploring their journey and achieving their goals, whatever they have set themselves, is truly exemplary.