Testimonial from Greg Roworth

CEO, Business Success Systems

To Whom It May Concern

As a business consultant and coach for over twenty years, I am very aware of the importance of business owners having the right mindset for success. But while there are many motivational speakers and coaches available to business owners, I have met only a few who can communicate with owners of small businesses and their employees on a practical level and with a level of understanding that can make a real difference quickly and effectively. One of those is Sue Glendenning.

I first met Sue in 2011 after facing some personal and financial challenges that rocked my confidence and made me doubt my ability to succeed in starting a new business in Melbourne after moving from New Zealand. In working with Sue over a few weeks, she quickly helped me see that my past experience was a strength to draw on and a foundation that I could build on. This included being able to leverage my skills and knowledge that had led to success in the past as well as being able to learn the important lessons from the mistakes that undermined that success.

Sue also helped me see how I could interpret old perceptions of events in a more resourceful and empowering manner so that I could go forward with greater confidence. Sue’s input has made a significant contribution to making my last financial year my best ever in terms of revenue and profit as well as building a strong team to take my business to new heights.

Since that time, I have also been aware of Sue’s involvement with a number of other business owners who universally speak positively about Sue’s work with them and their staff and are happy to share about the positive results that have been achieved following Sue’s assistance.