Testimonial from Heike Knur

To whom it may concern,

Last year I completed a Diploma in Share Trading and Investment. The goal- to take charge of, and responsibility for, my financial future and become a profitable successful share trader. But as I progressed through the course, which I thoroughly enjoyed and gained very good results in, I felt a resistance growing.

I knew in my heart that the biggest challenge for me would be to overcome my limiting beliefs and old patterns that have limited my success in the past. It wasn’t gaining the knowledge that was the problem, it was taking the next step and putting that knowledge into practice to develop the skills that would make me the successful trader I wanted to be. I knew that I needed some expert help to help me master myself.

I chose Sue Glendenning to be my coach and have found her to be incredibly easy to work with. I feel very comfortable with Sue and I thoroughly enjoy our sessions, which always leave me feeling amazing. I leave feeling more energized and focused and committed to my own life and its outcomes.

She has helped me to redesign my thinking and self talk, to make better decisions and choices and take charge of my life. I am now working steadily towards my goals. This in turn makes me feel happier, calmer, more focused and clearer about my goals and what I want out of life. Sue is very perceptive and supportive and has at her disposal many skills and tools to share. I only wish I had met Sue sooner as her coaching has been the best investment I have ever made in myself.