Testimonial from Lee Baker

After 15 years in a management role with the same company, I was feeling lost, burnt out, unfulfilled.  I had lost the passion and drive I once had.  Family were a priority of mine, but I still wanted a job I enjoyed and was passionate about, one where I could make a positive difference to people.  I met with Sue, we chatted and suddenly all I had been brewing over for years seemed so clear and simple.  In some marvellous easy way, Sue was able to tap into my thoughts and feelings and help me see clearly.

I have now changed jobs and couldn’t be happier, I am more relaxed, my family are more settled and I am loving the change.  Teaching and assessing, not managing.  Sue is so calm, gentle, supportive and easy to talk to.

Sue made such a positive change to my way of thinking and my career path.  Thanks a million Sue.