Testimonial from Mary Matthews

Owner & Manager – Bare Bella Beauty

Sue Glendenning helps so many people with such diverse issues, from getting onto a plane to improving their diet. Her approach is as intriguing as her credentials are amazing! She is so knowledgeable and approachable.

Results Coaching, in my layman’s terms, is a way of re-training our hard-wired auto-pilot brains, like we are a new person! If you’ve heard something all your life you can convince yourself subconsciously that you are not good at something but in fact it’s just training. She will make the struggle to do that ‘thing’ you are not good at not a struggle and achievable a lot quicker than without her.

I find it fascinating as I love the idea of learning something new which will build synapses in our brain which will prevent such things as stroke and dementia.

Sue also has a light feeling around her, sense of calm. My experience with Sue at Quantum Results in short is magical.