Testimonial from Mel B.

Account Executive – Victoria

When I first saw Sue, I was struggling with past hurts; the ‘slings and arrows’ from my early childhood, teens and working life; I had recently moved from a high-pressure role where there was no support network and very little appreciation for the critical work I was doing.

People and circumstances had completely beaten me.  I knew I needed to change to survive the corporate world I had chosen to stay in (for a while), but had no idea how.

Some of the things Sue taught me:

Forgiveness:  I have forgiven and let go of so many people and connections that had damaged me and stopped me achieving.  The only people remaining on the stage with me are those I want to have there and I know will support me.  It is fair to say that some of those I have forgiven and let go of still occasionally heckle from the audience, but that is all they are, hecklers who will be gone in a few moments.

Tolerations:  I was putting up with an awful lot of behaviour and situations that left me feeling frustrated, angry and resentful.  Feeling this way is no way to move forward.  I may not be able to change all of these, however I have the confidence to analyse them, work out why I put up with them and make a calm, clear decision for future action or simply let them go.

Teach others how to treat me: It is not OK to accept bad behaviour from other people; it IS perfectly acceptable to be polite and firm with people who are not behaving appropriately towards me.  I am my own Super Hero:  Yes, I absolutely am!  Never in my wildest dreams would I have believed I had the confidence to put this in print, or have the inner strength and confidence to face the external and personal challenges of 2020.  I am absolutely my own Super Hero!