Testimonial from Paul A Crabtree

Franchisor and Director – Xpresso Delight

I was introduced to Sue Glendenning by a colleague from Melbourne who had been using Sue’s coaching services for some time. He spoke so highly of her my decision to engage her for one of our Master Franchise Conferences held on the Gold Coast was an easy one.

Our Master Franchisees have the responsibility of recruiting Franchisees in their territory so have a high stress function of sales in a competitive arena. Having their mind set and belief systems operating at the highest level is not an easy task to maintain year in year out. With that in mind we are always looking for ways to motivate and help these guys stay focused and at the top of their game.

Sue’s training and coaching session seemed like a great fit to help and provide a solution to this ongoing process. We had Sue for a full morning where her leadership and quite confidence captured all attendees throughout the training process of creating new beliefs, new actions and new results.

Sue also worked personally with two attendees to help create several break through moments that amazed all of us. It was a fun and entertaining morning but filled with real usable outcomes and the ability to further all our results which was exactly what we were looking for.

I would not hesitate to recommend Sue to anyone individual or company looking towards improving personal or business results.