When Life Gets in the Way

Is life itself getting in the way of you having the life you desire?

This is a question worth asking. What would your answer be, right now, right in this space? 

It’s that interesting juxtaposition of working for what you want, but somehow finding that you are no longer motivated to succeed. Maybe it’s simply overwhelm and exhaustion. 

It’s late, you have just finished work (after going in early to finish that report), and called into the supermarket on the way home to pick up just a few things you forgot yesterday. Then it’s home to deal with the kids’ homework and dinner or jump on that critical international client call. Oh, don’t forget,  it’s pilates night, and Sally has basketball. Did you remember your sister’s birthday? 

Trying to balance all the different aspects of our lives can be a challenge and we often wonder how others seem to do it so effortlessly. How do they keep all the balls in the air, you ask?  

They are all asking the same thing, while madly trying to look as if they are managing with ease.  

Everyone is wearing their mask. We all have our own  “stuff”, but it’s about how we keep up with it and stay on top of the game that counts. 

Managing our own expectations as well as those of other people can be exhausting and stressful. Add to that the fear factor. Fear is another inhibiting influence,  and that can mean not only the fear of failure, but sometimes even fear of success. It’s okay to feel vulnerable and even better to admit it. 

During my many years in corporate roles and then coaching and mentoring women in business and leadership, I have come to appreciate many of the challenges they face daily. Trying to balance all the areas of their lives and stay on top of their game. 

Struggling with the feeling of not being in control or recognised for your ability and professionalism,  creating a lack of respect and not feeling valued are things I hear often. Outside influences can feed self-doubt. One client had been undermined by a  team member who felt threatened by her ability but paradoxically also needed to learn from her. Playing the mind-games can be exhausting. 

What if you could change your thinking about what you believe is possible for you? What if you could overcome the self-doubt and old restricting thinking patterns? We put our own meaning on everything we do, and that gives us our perception of the world and our place in it. What if your perception could be changed to give you a different view – one that is more appealing and rewarding? 

In my book I talk about the one critical difference between struggle and success for women in business and leadership. The X Factor. 

What is it? The answer is simple. It’s you. Your belief system. Your unconscious programming. It’s how you think and why you think that way. 

How do you make that work for you? 

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