How are you showing up?

“The need to criticize belies a longing for recognition, appreciation, and validation. None of which, however, can be obtained through criticism.”

This is a segment of a quote from Mike Dooley I read recently and it leads me to  reflect on the way people are currently supporting each other through this  challenging time, which is encouraging, however, there still appears to be the need  to blame and criticise. I’m seeing wonderful examples of people giving of their time  and resources to help. Sadly there are also examples of those who are taking  advantage of how this situation can benefit them. There are also those who choose  the victim path. 

It’s a mindset thing. Are you being reactive or proactive right now? Are you seeking  help if you need it (please do), or offering help where you can? 

Let go of the need to criticise (yourself as well as others) and look at how you can  change the situation – how you can think differently about it. How you can act  differently in a way that can have a positive impact. 

Simply because some of our “world leaders” are not behaving in a way which  appears to support a good conclusion to this Pandemic, there is no need to take on  their mindset. That’s a choice. 

Tim Collings from 4i Leadership Group spoke about leaders ‘stepping forward’ and  showing their true colours. Tim says: “How do the great leaders at a political level  respond to circumstances like these? What I see is leaders showing their true  colours. Showing who they are and how they lead in the full glare of scrutiny, stress  and pressure. There is simply nowhere to hide with the pace and depth of the  change that’s being experienced today.”

Many people in leadership are stepping up and showing how things can change, can  be better, can be resolved. These people may be world leaders, community leaders  or simply family leaders – but all are important. 

It is refreshing to see people consider their choices and make some good ones. So – what choices are you making? 

How are you showing up?

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